CLOTHING PRODUCTION, our minimum start at 200pcs per style. Pricing is based on style, how many units, how many colors, how many sizes. Our goal is to make sure you have great fitting clothing, that is high quality, made fast!!! So you MAKE MONEY and you have happy customers that come back to you over and over gain!!! 


We know making product overseas is hard to do, communication process is difficult and they ship very slowly. Drop shipping is dead, your customers do not wait 4-6 weeks for their clothing.  For you to make money, you need to offer clothing they do not see everywhere. We can help with packages, providing the labels, help with fabric sourcing, pattern making  sample making, grading and marking and help with setting up fulfillment. You focus on marketing....IG ads, social media, email marketing, SMS, SEO....we focus on producing the clothing and getting it to a fulfillment facility. 

We understand selling online and the owner has over 25 years of experience designing, and producing  clothing. So if you are ready to get started or take your brand to the next level. Schedule a call now!!!