Starting a Fashion Line Even If You Did Not Go To Fashion School

I went to school in Indiana and studied fashion design and business at Purdue University and also studied at FIT (fashion school) in New York City. But I did not learn how to start a clothing line at either place. I learned from mentors, books, seminars, just by doing and figuring things out. I did not learn all I needed to know from 1 source. I kept learning and still read books every week and I am always learning. I drive my husband crazy with all my books. But as Warren Buffet says, the more you learn, the more you earn.

I am always a promoter of higher education, but I am also a promoter of learning from parents, mentors, books, workshops, seminars. Anywhere you can learn I would learn. There is no 1 Fashion Book you can buy to learn everything you need to know. You do not have to goto fashion school to start and own a successful fashion company. So do not feel intimidated on starting a clothing line if you did not attend FIT or Parsons or another fashion school.

In fashion you need to learn about business, social media, marketing, website design, designing a product, sewing, pattern making... the list goes on and on. The world is constantly changing, so always be learning. The problems with fashion schools, they do not teach you how to start your own clothing line and run your own business. They teach you to work for a company. They teach you to experiment and make avant garde clothing that very few people want to buy. If you design clothing in fashion school that many people would want to buy, then most likely you will not receive a good grade.

I meet tons of fashion students that sadly can not find a job after graduation and then I meet people that never went to college or fashion school and become highly successful. How did they do it? They always took the risk in stepping out of their comfort zone and going for it and starting their own clothing line even though they did not goto fashion school. They kept learning and seeked out the knowledge they needed to know to start and run a successful fashion company.

So if you have not gone to fashion school, do not feel like you can not start your own clothing line. Read books, talk to companies, goto seminars and learn as much as possible. Do not let that hold you back from making your idea into a reality and building a successful company.

If you have gone to fashion school, do not feel you are done learning. Keep learning and learn about what you do not know. Marketing and business are very important part of starting and running your clothing business. So you might know how to design and make patterns. How can you make money if you do not know how to sale and market your product?

So do you need to attend fashion school to start your own clothing line?


But you do need to be continuously learning.


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