One morning you wake up with this amazing idea for a clothing item and you decide I really need to start a clothing line! You are seriously ready to take the plunge and create this awesome piece of clothing for people to buy. You are daydreaming of how exciting it will be when people are buying your product from around the world and commenting on how much they love your clothing!

Ok, now you are sitting at your desk, read to start your fashion brand and now you are thinking what are some important things I should be doing, because I want this brand to be a huge success!

So, here are 3 things that every designer or entrepreneur should do when starting their fashion brand.

1.) Create the Right Mindset - If your mindset is cluttered, clear your mind and get your mind ready to create this awesome fashion brand! If you are negative and do not believe in your own idea, sorry then no one else will. You must change your mindset, be positive, take a trip to California, do whatever it takes to get your mind to be positive and be ready for success! If you think it will not work out then you are right!!! It will not work out!!! If you have family members or friends being negative towards you, tell them you need them to be supportive of you and positive of you and your new business. Be positive towards them, give them a compliment and ask them to be positive towards you and your new fashion brand. Tell them you need them to support you by buying the product, or help you promote your brand by tell everyone they know, as you will do the same for them. Be direct with them and let them know what help you need form them. If they are unwilling to help you or be positive towards you, then focus on friends that will. It is important to surround yourself with positive people!!!

2.) Be Focused - Focus, focus, focus entrepreneurs!!!! Remember Rome was not built in a Day!!! What do you think of when someone says the name, Vera Wang? Of course the most beautiful, unique, amazing wedding dresses!!! How long did she make wedding dresses till she made other things, my guess years and years!!! It did hurt her business at all to focus!!!! She focused on making the best wedding dresses she could make!!! Steve Jobs when created Apple did not create hundred of items, he focused on a few items, marketed them very well and made sure they were the best designed products that people had to have! Ralph Lauren did not make thousands of products when he first started, no he only made ties! Then once he saw his ties were selling and people loved them, people starting asking for other items and categories from him, then he started to offer more products but not over night!

First choose a niche, 1 product idea, research it and know everything about it, then think how can you make it better. Focus on 1 item, be known for that 1 thing, then build up a following for that 1 item item. You can do Leggings for women to wear to work instead of the gym, you can have 3-5 different leggings to choose from, but only Focus on Leggings for women to wear to work not the gym. Don't make kids leggings, then tees, then blazers and don't worry about throwing in a briefcase to sell also! Just focus on the leggings, create a following, focus on the product, marketing, social media. Create that foundation of your business before moving onto designing and producing all kinds of products. Your voice usually gets lost if you are not crystal clear communicating to the customer what your business is about.

3.) Test, Test, Test - Time to have a testing party with your amazing fiends and friends of friends!!! After you have made your designs and made 2-3 different items, start to test it out, throw a little party, then talk to people from the gym, people in the park, anyone that you feel is your target customer and that will answer some questions. Ask them their opinion, what they love about the item, what they hate about the item. How much would they pay for the item? Have people try it on and get feedback on fit. If you start to hear the same thing over and over, then better to tweak it now before you make your production run. Remember ask family, friends, neighbors, strangers anyone that is your target customer, don't be shy!!!! TEST, TEST, TEST...Be very open minded and have fun with this. This is the time to learn and look at it from your future customers view point. Offer them 25% off when you launch or a little freebie you can throw into the package, get everyones email and thank them for all their help!!!!

Also, another way is to test, post different photos on Social Media. Also, use Social media and run ads to test different ideas. Test in different ways, more you learn from your customers on what they like from you, the more profitable you can be!!!

Good luck on your new venture!!! Let us know if you need our help guiding you through this exciting venture. We are here to help you be a success!