I am going to ask you a question here that is going to sound really silly: which would you prefer, a 4-hour fashion design workweek or a 100-hour fashion design workweek?

Of course, the immediate response of most people is going to be in favor of a 4-hour workweek.

However, I honestly think both of these workweeks are going to be necessary at times as you develop your fashion design ideas. We can learn a lot from other business industry icons, such as Tim Ferriss and Elon Musk, each of whom have a different work ethic/philosophy. Let’s look at each perspective:

100-Hour Workweek. There are going to be times when you have to work extremely hard and put in every one of those 100 hours necessary to help you launch and grow your fashion business, especially when you are in the beginning stages of building your brand. The foundation of every strong business is built on hard work and lots of hours and effort, and there really is no way around this. Perseverance and patience, strength and commitment--each of these attributes will be developed during the times when you are stretched to your limit.

4-Hour Workweek. We can also consider the 4-hour workweek as a tutorial on extreme focus and working smarter. There are always going to be things that need to be done in your business that you are just not that good at or don’t have the training for. These skills can be done by a partner, a third-party business or a freelancer. Using outside resources for those items will free you up to complete those projects that only you can do. Being brutally honest with yourself about your personal capacity and abilities will help you to streamline your business through delegation, making the most of every hour in every day.

Remember: whether your workweeks are long or short, every minute spent on your business should be a minute that is an investment toward immediate or future fashion production sales.

Learning to spend your time wisely--whether it’s one hour or one hundred hours--is something that will be a benefit to you as a fashion design business owner for many years to come.

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