As a fashion designer, your mind is always brimming over with creative concepts; it’s just who you are. Inspiration can come to you at any point during your day, prompting some stunningly stellar new creations as you apply your interpretation to clothing patterns and accessories. You will want to share each and every one of them with the world! As you start your clothing line this year, consider these three tips:

Focus. Most of the design concepts you come up with are going to be marvelous, but the strongest business decision a designer and clothing sample maker can make is to focus on just one. The best one. The one that best showcases your unique talent or the one that specifically fills a current need on the market. Take some time to think about your 2019 business journey, and beyond, and choose the concepts that are best suited for that journey.

Work Hard. But work smart. Don’t waste time on pointless errands--focus on the work that will further your vision. Networking, social media presence, and a top-notch website are three of the most important marketing tools you can employ as a fashion designer; they will help you get the word and the images out where others can see and enjoy your clothing samples. Research and reading important blogs and books will also help you build a strong, unique brand by broadening your knowledge base, as will building relationships with other industry professionals.

Engage. Get out of your comfort zone and connect with people on an organic level. Having a powerful presence on social media is great, but networking naturally and personally is a true art. If your fashion design business is to succeed and flourish, you will need other people to help you with advice, knowledge, and direction. You will never make that happen if you are sitting in your studio drawing all day!

NOTE: Find those who can assist you in the areas where you may not have a lot of expertise. You will need to connect with people in the legal/financial fields, such as attorneys and accountants, and in marketing as well. Fields such as digital marketing and photography are ones that can really require professional training and finesse. Do your due diligence and pick the best for your fashion design business.

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