How to Focus That Fashion Designer Brain and Make Money

The creative hyper fashion designer mind operates on a different level. Most people wish they were more creative, like you. You have so many ideas, you do not know which clothing design to make first. Where do you start? Should you go fabric sourcing, draw, go shopping, go see your pattern maker, go see your sample room or clothing factory, go look at trims, post on social media, write done more ideas, sketch more ideas???? You ask yourself where do I start? Problem is you have too many ideas, so many ideas and not enough time in the day, am I right?

So lets talk about Focus, Focus, Focus. If you want to launch your fashion brand, learning to keep yourself focused is an important task that you must do. If we do not learn to focus our creative brains, we will just be spending our money on making product after product after product, then think how amazing we are and our designs. Problem is we have bills to pay and we need to make money! We have to have a vision, we have to start with one thing, to grab our customer's attention, solve their problem, so they give us their money. If we offer too many items to our customers they get confused with all these options, they do not understand who we are, what we stand for, what we are about. So they leave our site or store and buy nothing. We do not want this to happen. This is why we want to focus our brains, so then our brand will also be focused and our customers will buy from us and everyone is happy!

So here are 3 tips to help you focus. Because for your line to be focused, you have to be focused.

1.) Night before, write your to do list for the next day and schedule it in your calendar. Force yourself to be on time and schedule everything. Do the most important thing first, especially the things you do not like to do. Easier things do later in the day. Stick to a schedule. This will help keep your mind focused and not get sidetracked.

2.) Mediate first thing in the morning. Focus on breathing through your nose and breath out through your mouth. You can be sitting in a chair, in a yoga pose, laying down on the bed or couch. Do this for 15 minutes. Do not think about anything!!! Clear your mind, only think about breathing through your nose and breathing out through your mouth. Once done you will feel so much better, able to focus and take on the day! If you find your mind is feeling cluttered later in the day, you can always do this exercise for 5 minutes later in the day. It is important to keep your mind clear and open.

3.) Keep your office and house, clean and organized. If this seems like too much for right now. Then take sates towards this and start with the desk. One main thing I always do, is keep my desk very clean and organized. Before I leave my office for the night, I always organize my paperwork, clean up my desk, put things in their proper place. So the next morning, when I come to work, my desk is clean. This helps me to stay focused for the day. I keep myself on schedule and do not allow myself or someone to pull me in a different direction and get me off my schedule.

It is important you train your brain to be focused, you literally have to tell your brain, we are staying focused today and you will stay on schedule and you will accomplish your goals for the day. Then once you are starting to train your brain to be more focused. You will start to focus your line, which will save you money and make you money! Trust me, do the above 3 things everyday, you will start to find you can train your brain to be more focused. You will feel less stressed, you will be more successful and happier!!!