Tips on How to Prepare Your Fashion Business for the New Year, 2019

Yea! It is the start of a New Year, 2019! I do not know about you, but I am so happy about this New Year! The Year of the Pig! It is time to get yourself ready to launch your fashion business or prepare yourself for the busy year to come if you have an existing fashion business. I know I should have posting this a little earlier, but my husband is Korean, so in our household we celebrate Korean New Year which is same time as Chinese New Year, which is February 5, 2019. It is the Year of the Pig, so this year will be a great year!

Things you can do now to help you have a great year! First, clean your apartment or house top to bottom, I know it is a lot of work but trust me you will so much better once done. Sweep and vacuum floors, clean and organize entire house. Time to throw out old things you do not use, donate or give to someone that could use it. Then reorganize your closets, living room, bedroom, kitchen. Clean out the refrigerator and throw out old food. Also, super important to clean and organize your home office or office! Now the best part, go shopping and buy food and most important buy some new clothes, especially something in red color this symbolizes good luck (you can also do some market research for your new line), get your hair done/haircut. Important you do this before February 5th. On February 5th, 2019, you are to eat, wear your new outfit, be positive, visit family, no working, be calm. Do not read or listen to any news, do not listen to anyone talking negative. Politely, leave the room or change the subject to something positive. Be calm and relaxed that day and enjoy yourself.

You are probably wondering what does this have to with Starting my own fashion brand? Well if you have a clean house and office, then your mind is clean. Therefore you can think clearly, be motivated to take action and create the most awesome fashion brand! Trust me it really helps. It is important we keep our minds open and free and most important stay positive and surround yourself with positive people!

So Happy New Year and have a great 2019!!!