Get ready for Fall Coats: What are your design ideas for Coats this season?

As sad as we are to see summer end, we can admit here, we do love Fall here. The countless ideas for warm and cozy cashmere luxe coats or cool leather jackets, for men and women. It's the season, where we can layer up in luxe textiles. Maybe you are thinking I can not find what I want out there online or in stores. I wish someone made this or that, maybe you have a great idea for a niche coat or jacket line.

If so, the first step to launching a coat or jacket line is, what exactly is your exact idea? What will your brand/company be known for? Ski jackets that are reversible or ski jackets that turn into blankets? Or will you make coats that are for the business man that come in long lengths for super tall men or in shorter lengths for the 5'5" man? Write down your idea, be clear about it. Come up with your elevator pitch, your tag line.

You will always hear me talk about focus, focus, focus...which is hard for most creative types and most people in general. So many ideas, so few resources and time! But I know it might sound simple...but first step is to focus on what is your idea and what is the reason for your fashion company to exist? Even better if you are solving a problem that many people have! You must lay down that strong foundation of your business. So many people want to make tons of samples and their ideas are all over the place and then the company goes no where. They run through their resources, their customer gets confused on their message.

So the best thing to do is to focus on your idea, but still leave room to tweak a little bit as you start to sell the product, as you will hear what your customer loves from you and what they wish you could make better. So start thinking, writing, and gather your ideas. Once you have that brilliant idea and tag lineal done, then everything else will fall into place!

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