How the exercise of cleaning your closet will help you to design your line.

When launching your line, a good thing to do is start with your own closet. Look at as market research. Start by looking at what is in your closet, what are your favorite things and think about why you wear certain things quite often and why you have not worn the one top or sweater in years?


Take every thing out of your closet. Now toss out the pieces you no longer wear in at least 1-2 years or more. The only thing I might keep would be an evening dress or skiwear or a certain coat you normally do not wear often. Now some of the things may have gone out of style. Donate these items but as you are doing this keep notes on why you do not wear these pieces of clothing anymore. So when you are designing your line, you can learn from these old pieces of clothing. Was the fit not right? Was the fabric itchy and not comfortable? What was the reason why you had not worn it in years? Please make sure these mistakes do not get repeated on your line.


Now look at the items that are too tight. If you still like the styling and you have diet plans, store your tighter clothes elsewhere and put them back after you reach your goals—the act of swapping out larger sizes for smaller ones might even make you feel more accomplished.

Now remove any plastic coverings that come with your dry cleaning. They actually don’t protect your clothes because they trap the dry cleaning chemicals. It’s also shocking how much space they take up. Since you want to maximize every last bit of space, opt for thinner hangers that do not have a curved shape, so you maximize closet space. I prefer nice wooden hangers. Remove excessive amounts of empty ones, while leaving just a handful in one spot so they're easy to find and use.

If you have lots of long-hanging clothes. Group your short-hanging pieces at one end of the closet and your longer-hanging clothes at the other—that will open up lots of floor space, where you can place a little dresser or a stacking shoe rack.


Now start hanging your favorite clothing back up on your nice wooden hangers. Make notes on what you love about them. The fit, colors, the fabrics... Also, takes notes on labels, the brands of the clothing you buy a lot from, what kind of labels do they make, size, shape and where do they place the labels. Write notes also on how you could make these clothing items even better, what could you approve upon. But really think what is so great about these clothing items. Think about the dogs in your closet, why you dislike them so much. Could you tweak 1-2 things of the dog clothing items and then they would become your favorite clothing items?

Next thing, you can stack storage bins on the upper shelf, but consider a shelf divider, which turns the space into little cubbies so clothes and accessories are easy to see and grab. You can use them to separate stacks of folded clothing, so that they don’t topple into each other and create a big mess. Or, they can keep your handbags upright and accessible.


If looking into your closet is like staring into the abyss, illuminate it. Having more light in the closet will make it seem bigger. Swap out your normal rod for an LED closet rod, which is motion activated and battery-operated.

Now your closet is clean, organized. hopefully you came with some more ideas for your line and this cleaning exercise helps you to focus what kind of things you should be designing and should not be designing!

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