Is your line irreplaceable?

I love the quote "In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different." - Coco Chanel

Now let's think about that quote and put it towards your clothing line you are going to launch. When designing or thinking about quality or branding of your company, you want to create clothing that is irreplaceable. You must create clothing and a company that is different. It must stand out from other companies that already exist. It can not be what everyone else is doing or making. The fabric, or styling or has to be different in same way for that clothing item to be irreplaceable. So before you hire a patternmaker and start doing patternmaking or samplemaking. First, sit down and really think about your branding, what your company stands for, what you will be known for and your designs. Really think about your designs and make sure to your customer they are absolutely irreplaceable!

If you are designing shoes, if you make the bottoms of your shoes, all red like Christian Louboutin does, then you are not being different. But if you designed shoes with rainbow colors at the bottom of your shoes and sold it to a completely different customer, now that would be different and those shoes or boots would be irreplaceable. Since no one else makes shoes with rainbow colored bottoms.

If you are designing a tee shirt line, think how can I make this tee shirt irreplaceable? But of course, according to Coco Chanel you better make it different. That could include your story, your marketing, or the length of the tee shirt or the fabric you are using. Is the silhouette different? Is there some special treatment to the outside of the t-shirt, or a screenprint that no one has ever seen before.

So if you are brain storming about launching your line, just think to yourself is this irreplaceable? If the answer is no and it looks like what everyone is doing. Then go back to the drawing board and think some more. Take a walk, go for a swim, goto the beach, let your mind relax and think and think and think!

Trust me, the fashion world will look forward to seeing what that irreplaceable clothing or shoe or accessory you are about to create! People will line up to be that irreplaceable item!

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