Pattern making is the blue print to a clothing item. This ensures every time we use "this pattern" your t-shirt or pant Or hoodie... will fit correctly each time. It is the 1st step in the production process. The Pattern is highly important, we must make sure the pattern fits properly and also you are happy with the design of the clothing item. As your bulk production will come from this pattern for all sizes. We normally take 2 weeks to create your pattern. it is always best the pattern is correct as we want your customers to be happy with the fit. You want to be thorough with this process and not to rush this process. If you do, you can waste a lot of money on your production.  

One of our highly experienced pattern makers will ensure your pattern is correct and ready for production.  Normally we make 1 to 3 samples per design to test the fabric and make any pattern corrections that are needed to ensure the fit and design is perfect before bulk production is made.


Jackets/Blazers: $850+

Coats: $950+

Dresses: $500+

Shirts: $400+

Tops: $300+

Skirts: $300+

Pants: $400+

T-Shirts - $150+

Hoodies - $300+

15%-20% discount on 2nd sample or duplicate samples if needed.

We make muslins to test out designs, before sewing the design in fabric, which are $75-$150 depending on the design.